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I eat once a day and ill be full for the rest of the day Is that normal?

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Although i only eat once a day I've gained 8lbs in this last month a total gain weight of 23lbs when the average gain weight is 30lbs could it be my baby is going to be big?

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What does your ob say? You don't really need to gain a whole lot especially if this is your first baby. If you are more than 20 weeks chances are your baby is so big that he is putting pressure on your stomach and there isn't any room for your stomach to stretch. I'm 37 weeks and I might eat one meal a day and the rest of the day I just snack. He is already about 7 pounds. Sometimes I can't even hold anything down. As long as your baby and you are healthy I wouldn't worry about it unless your ob says different
i still have 3 1/2 months to go though im worried ill gain too much weight and have to get a c cection or that ill have complications and my baby will be unhealthy
I am 34 weeks and I have lost 17 pounds and my doctor isnt to worried about it so I guess its normal. I dont eat much cause I STAY SICK ALL The TIME and this is my 2nd child. 

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