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I fall asleep on my side but wake up on my back...

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I fall asleep usually on my left side, but when I wake up I am usually on my back. I have heard that it isn't safe for woman to lay on their back when pregnant. I don't understand why because I have never been comfortable sleeping on my back. I am 20 weeks pregnant and do not want anything to happen because I can't sleep properly. I have tried using a body pillow behind my back to prevent me from rolling over on to my back, but somehow I move it or lay on top of it. Any suggestions on how I can prevent ending up on my back while sleeping? Has anyone else had this problem?

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I've never heard that it was unsafe to sleep on your back I think it has more to do with comfort. Laying on your back, gravity pushes the baby into your back where there is a lot of nerves and a main artery which could cut off circulation and create a loss of feeling. Some people will say that is unsafe, but it mainly effects your legs and I think most of the time, your body will wake you up to reposition if it needs it.
When your blood supply is cut off it cuts off the blood supply and oxygen to the baby also. If your waking up with circulation problems you should really talk to your doctor. I can't breathe when I lay on my back so if you can still breathe your doing better than me! Good luck!
I'm having the same issues too.... if I sleep on my side. I'm wide awake. Once I roll on to my back I fall asleep, I prop a pillow so I won't be fully flat on my back but its really aggravating. I haven't felt any circulatory issues while sleeping on my back. I am going to bring this up to my doctor on our next visit.
I am the same way. Im 20 weeks and i never liked sleeping on my back. it was always my stomach, but now thats impossible, so i lie on my side and eventually when i wake up, im on my back, i get scared because i know that isnt safe, but i feel totally alright, so i dont know what should i do. its uncontrolable, so i dont worry!
Well i am havin a similar problem i all asleep on my side but wake up on my stomach what should i due?

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