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I feel huge!

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This is my 4th baby and I'm 8 weeks. I have all ready gained 5-10 pounds, gone up atleast 2 sizes in clothes and 1 in my bra! I didn't do this with my other 3 and just wondering if anybody else has been through this. I'm afraid I'll look like an elephant by the time I have this baby! I love being pregnant but this seems ridiculous to me.

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this is my first baby... i gained a lot at the begining but now it has slowed way down =) im very little to begin with so I feel huge as well..
This is my third and I started showing very fast.  I'm not eating a ton and until I was about 12 weeks I had terrible morning sickness, but I still started showing fast!  I keep comparing myself to others who are only 4 months like me and they are hardly showing at all.  All I can say is you aren't alone.  Some of us mommy's just carry and show that way.  I've heard "it's common" after your 2nd to start showing sooner.  Don't obsess about it, eat healthy, you know what to do, but you aren't alone.  :)
my daughter alissa is 8 months old but when i was pregnant with her  i gained 6 pounds by the time i was 7 weeks and im pregnant again with another girl and im 24 weeks and so far ive gained 28 pounds and im huge it could be that when im not pregnant im really skinny but anyways its normal to feel huge

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