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I feel movment on my left side am i pregant ?

2 answers
I had as D&C on december 11,2009 and depo shot december 12,2009. I have not have a period just a little blood when i wipe 2 months ago nothing since then . Now i feel and see movement on my left side am i pregant?

answers (2)

It could just be muscle spasms. Get a test and see. If it comes negative and you still have doubts, wait a few weeks and get one done at the docs :)
Definitely get a test done.  Because HCG (the hormone that the 'pee-on-a-stick' tests measure) declines after a while, go straight to your doctor and ask them to test.   With Depo, you're probably aware that you need to get a shot every three months (unless you're on some other form that lasts longer, but I haven't heard of one).  If you got that first one and nothing else, you might be five months along.  Good luck with everything.

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