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I feel nauseated and I feel small cramps is this a sign of something?

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Im a new mom and I have 4 days left till my due date is this a sign of labor? I feel weak and fatigue and cramping like a period would.

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Nausea all through pregnancy is normal.  The small cramping is ok too.  Most women get small cramps through out pregnancy.  It is just your uterus growing and your body getting ready for the big moment.  Now if they come in intervals then begin to come sooner and then they get stronger as they come sooner then I would say you were in labor.  As always you should ask your ob doctor to be certain and if you are ever really worried go to the hospital.  No one will get mad at you for being concerned they would rather that you came in for nothing than to wait and have something happen.
Mmmmmmaybe... it depends.My first one was induced, and I just had my second over the wekend, who was 10 days early.  I was so afraid of 'labor' becuase I wasn't sure what to expect, despite all the research I'd done online. I woke up Friday feeling intense pressure in my pelvic area, much lower than normal.  Later throughout the morning, it felt like I was having strong Braxton-Hicks, only not 'on top' of the baby bump, but underneath it, right over the pubic bone.  The feeling was very similar to menstrual cramps, just lower. 

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