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i fill wired askin this wired question lol???

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ok me and my boyfriend wants me 2 breastfeed, but i dont think ima feel very comfortable in i was woundering what is the most comfortable and best breast pump...they look like they hurt...Do they??? Do they make ur breast smaller than be4 u got prego???(embarassing)

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I used a breast pump for my first child, it was an electrical one.. meaning it does all the work lol my opinion is that theyre better then the manual ones. They dont hurt but are a bit uncomfortable but as time goes by that feeling will get better. And i guess it depends on the person but i actually went a little bigger in braw size from before i was pregnant and my son is now 4 years old. Dont be embarrassed we all go through it! :)
thanks for ur comment it looks like im goin that really helped me cause i have no 1 2 go through this with me...Thanks...
You can also breastfeed using a 'nursing cover' (do a Google search & you will find many options).  They give you all the privacy you need.  And I definitely recommend an electric pump - much faster!  And nope - breasts got bigger and stayed bigger post-baby.  ;-0
Get yourself an electric breast pump, or if you qualify for WIC they will give you one (well, they gave me one anyways) but don't be embarrased! I breatfed my son and it is the most natural thing you will ever do. I always used a jacket or a baby blanket to cover up with unless I was at home, but my sister breastfed her son too and she was popping hers out everywhere we went lol.
Breastfeeding is uncomfortable and hard at first, but it's usually worth it. People put a lot of pressure on moms to breastfeed, but truthfully it's not for everyone, so if you give it an honest try and it doesn't work out that is ok. I didn't want to with my first son, and I had a lot of guilt about not even trying. With my second son, I really wanted to breastfeed but I wasn't prepared and didn't have the right equipment and I ended up giving up again. This time around I am gung ho and planning already. The medela pump in style or freestyle pumps are both really good, the best thing about these pumps is that you can do both breasts at the same time. Invest in the right clothing, that makes it easier too. Ask WIC for help if you qualify, if not, find a breast feeding consultant (expensive but worth it). The pumps themselves don't hurt you, but when your nipples are sore or cracked, heck yes it hurts to pump! Your breasts won't be smaller because of pumping, they will stay larger longer if you breastfeed. My personal opinion is that breasts end up more deflated and droopy if you don't bother to breastfeed because your body doesn't get to follow it's natural postpartum cycle.

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