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I find when I wake up in the morning I am on my back, could this really hurt the baby?

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I heard that laying on your back can decrease blood flow to the growing baby. However I think that once I am asleep i am on my back, as this is how I wake up. I am concerned about it, but wondering what exactly it could do to the baby.

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if you feel light-headed or dizzy it IS a problem.. their is a vein back their that provides most of the blood to the baby and sleeping ohn your back can cut off the babys blood supply.. THAT is harmful. its better to sleep ohn your side. cause even sleeping ohn your stomach can MAYB produce problems... but at a time like this who would want to let a MAYB stand in the way of a healthy baby:)good luck!
I found that I would fall asleep on my stomach and wake up on my back. I got one of those big long body pillows and I sleep with it against my back to help keep my supported and to keep me from rolling over.
Yes, your uterus can compress your superiour vena cava which is the artery that  supplies blood to your lower half.  I have accidentally ended up in this position during the night and woken to tingly legs and a feeling like i can't catch my breath.  I think your body has a way of telling you.  Now i make sure when i lay down on my side i put a pillow near by back/hip so if i do roll over into a back position i'm at least not FLAT on my back as to not compress this artery.  I would advise side sleeping with a pillow between legs and one near/under back incase you roll over in the night.  Better safe the sorry... only for 9 months!  The further along you get the more uncomfortable back sleeping will be anway for you.

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