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I Found out I am having twins! OMG! What do I need to buy!?

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I am wondering which items of baby gear that I will need to buy 2 of and which ones I can get by with having only one of? Such as swings, cribs, walkers, highchairs, toys, ect. And any other advice from mothers of multiples would be greatly appreciated!!! OMG! TWINS! :)

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buy yourself a double stroller and a crib separator so you can use one crib for the first little bit and breast poppy pillow to prop the babies as you feed they usually want to feed at the same time and then u will need two of EVERYTHING! good luck
Everything you would buy for one except get "DOUBLE"!!
I was 4 when my mom had twins, thinking back we had 2 highchairs for them, only one walker if I remember right, a double stroller, obviously 2 carseats (you can't put 2 babies in 1 carseat lol) you could get one swing and one bouncer and alternate the time they spend in each. I'm pretty sure my brother and sister shared a crib for a while when they were babies and toddlers. Toys you don't really need to worry about having exactly double on the toys, just as long as there is enough for everybody to go around! Hope this helps! Good luck my mom always told me she thought 1 child was a handful till she had 2 at one time! :-) but it is worth every minute, I love my siblings very much! Just remember now you are getting twice the love!
Issue with crib-sharing: increased risk of SIDS, because the babies could roll into each other.  I think that when they're little and non-rolly you could get away with it, but as soon as they're moving around at all, buy another crib. Other than that, don't buy two of everything, your house will look like a toy store.  Two (small) high chairs, two car seats, plenty of supplies like diapers/bottles/etc, but then just enough to go around, like Nsteere said above.  The issue with the Boppy for breastfeeding is that it's squashy and flooby, I've heard that moms of twins like the "My Brest Friend" pillow because it's firmer foam and gives more support to dual baby feeding :) Good luck!
You might consider a trio or quad stroller so you can take the twins friends along. Also, you might check out this link where you can find posts on nothing but the subject of twins and unique stuff. Twin Cribs and Beyond Or you could just have two lifetime baby cribs, one for each and convert them to toddler beds and full beds as they grow up.
Congrats! I recently ordered 1 from this site, hope this helps you:

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