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i go 2morrow 2 get an ultrasound 2 see how far along iam...but last night i was layin on my back watchin a movie and had 2 cough, so when i did my lower stomach got this horrible sharp sharp pain and i just had 2 ball up..i wanted 2 cry it hurt so bad....

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i dont kno what this means i hope nothin always scared cuz i had a miscariage bout 6months this ok...i dont go back 2 the ob till 5-24...

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i go through this same thing i was worried about it when it happened but my doctor said that its nothin to worry about she said it is called round ligaments and that means that your uterus is just streching and expanding. my fiance helps ease the pain by rubbin my stomach when that happens it hepls alot
I have the same problem. It helps if you bend your legs up toward your chest or bend over when you cough.
Agree with other 2 posts.  I had the same pain when coughing or sneezing in any position.  My dr said as long as it was not accopanied by bleeding and as long as it subsided that it was nothing to worry about.  My pain lasted about 10 seconds or so.  Yes, rubbing helped... and i also noticed that it happened less when i didn't hold back my sneezing or coughing - like to try to be quiet or dainty.  Now i just LET IT OUT... and i hurt less.  No worries. 

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