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i got pregnant from a one night stand..

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I have known this man since i was 12 years old and now 10 years later we ended hooking up and i got pregnant.. before we found out i was pregnant he asked me to be his gf and i was so excited but i'm not sure he still feels as happy as i do. He is never around and now i'm 6 months pregnant and i really need his help with getting ready for this baby. How can i know if he will be there when the baby comes if he isnt here now? He says he will be ready when the time comes but im justs not sure.

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Ok what you need to do is sit him down and have a talk with him and ask him questions about things your unsure about like, if he's really gonna be in his child's life cause i just went through that experince with my fiancee because we were on the urge to break up untill i sat down with him and talked to him about our child and this is our first baby together and apart.So all you need to do is sit down and talk to him in an adult way. You listen to him and then he has to listen to you.
it's important to have a father in a childs life, but if he's acting like that i would'nt worry about being together because it's not worth staying together and being unhappy because of your child. that sounds selfish, but the father can still be in the baby's life someway. if he's not around now, why would he be around when the baby comes? you have to face the facts and be a strong woman.
Many men don't feel attached to their baby until they are born.  I know that usually you get the picture of the devoted man of the house going on midnight ice cream runs and watermelon searches in the dead of winter.  The truth is he may not be as involved until he holds the baby and bonds with it.  If he truly isn't around, at all, then you might worry about his commitment to you and the baby.  But you are in a new relationship, having a baby together may be pretty hard on him.  I agree that talking to him about it is important.  Make sure that he has advance notice about doctors visits, or possibly a say in when you have them.  Be sure that he is commited to being with you when the baby is born, if that is what you want, or talk to him about the names he likes or that you are thinking about. Try to continue to grow as a couple too.  He asked you to be his girlfriend before you got pregnant, so at least it's not because he feels guilty for getting you pregnant. This should be a good indication to you that he saw some kind of a future in the two of you.  Don't just make this about your baby.  Go on dates, be willing to do things you did together before you got pregnant.  Having a working relationship, even if it is just a friendship, will help you with your baby together. I hope it all works out!
watch "Knocked Up". I know it sounds silly, but...if anything it's a good movie =D
If it works out great but you dont wanna b e in a reltionship just bc you have a baby. it may be too much stress tooo soon, and if the relationship willbe unhealthy it is not what the child need sto see. ask him what he really wants.. he may need time and for ya'll to successfully move forward you may have to give it tohim.. I know its not what you want but if in the long run it will work out it will be worth it now whenthe baby is unaware then now is the time

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