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i had a dream last night. its a lil hilarious actually. i had to pee and kept peeing so much the bottom of my butt got wet from the toilet

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being so full.. i kept flushing and couldnt quit peeing. lol i woke up and had to pee. talk about odd.. i told my fiancee' this morning and he couldnt quit laughing at me.

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I had a really similar dream. whew thank god I didn't have an accident or something. But I woke up and had to urinate right away.
Having more frequent dreams than I can ever recall.  Don't remember much detail about them, just that they have to do with either animals or an "ex".  Any thoughts on this one?
Haha thats a good one. I had a dream a few weeks ago that my sister & her fiance, me and my bf were going to see a movie but i had to use the bathroom first, i was peeing for 2 hours and we missed our movie lol i woke up and i could not get to the toilet fast enough.

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