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I had to go to the doctors a few weeks ago for stiches( dumd accident with avacado)in my hand I asked the doctors about the pressure point between the thumb and the pointer finger I have hear pressing while pregnant can cause problems?

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I have heard it works great for head aches but if you are pregnant it can cause pre term labor or ever cause miscarage because it changes you blood pressure or something like that anyone else heard of this? both the doctors didnt have a clue!

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I have never heard that one before.  I looked it up.  Some people say that it can, but honestly unless you are into the whole acupressure stuff and all of that.  I don't believe just by pressing a part of your hand that it will cause you to go into labor.  But again I don't believe in all that stuff and you might and if you believe it will then just don't press that part of your hand.  Doctors wouldn't know anything about that because they are doctors and not acupressure specialist or anything.  I only answered this, because I didn't want you to be waiting for an anwer and no one says anything to you.  I have had that a few times on here.  But again if you see it as a problem then just don't do it. 
in the what to expect if i rember correctly it says something about it I was just putting it out there 

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