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I had a miscarriage about 4 months ago and now i think I am pregnant. What are my chances of not having another miscarriage with this one?

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I missed my period for February and been having only a few symptoms of pregnancy. I am going to get checked out but I scared that they will say i am not pregnant or will have another miscarriage. I am trying really hard to keep it safe, even stopped smoking till I find out for sure. Any advice so I can avoid having a miscarriage?

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I am very sorry about your loss and I really wish I could help you with this.  It was a good idea to quit smoking and doing all you can to be healthy.  Try not to stress too much as that isn't healthy at all.  I can tell you to make sure to go to your doctor as they will be the best source for answers to your questions.  Good luck and I hope everything works out for you!
I am so sorry about your loss.  I had a miscarriage last year over mothers day and then three months later found out I was pregnant and expecting the end of April.  I am about 33 wks. and a very healthy pregnancy.  Good Luck! you will do great just remember no lifting, and start taking your prenatal vitamins if you haven't already.
condolences for your loss.  I had two miscarriages last year and found myself asking the same question - unfortunately, no one could give me a definitive answer, it may happen again, or it may not.. as in most cases no one really knows exactly why it happened (not very helpful huh?).  By the second time i was very wary and reluctant to share the news or even let myself get too excited.  I began to think that maybe thats just my lot in life.. but i decided to try just once more and then accept fate.  Im pleased to say that i am now 30 weeks pregnant and doing well - so yes, there is hope (i kept it quiet till i was 12 weeks as i couldn't face the thought of having to tell everyone that i had lost another).Well done you for stopping smoking (not an easy task) - anything that improves your health is always beneficial to your self-image and well being.  If things do take a turn for the worse, be gentle on yourself, don't take on blame - life's to short. good luck!
I'm sorry about your miscarriage. I know how that feels, and #10 was no less devistating than #1. I was so scared when I got pregnant for the 12th time (I have a 7-yr-old), wondering if I would ever give my daughter a sibling or my fiance a son. I didn't think I could handle another miscarriage. I'm emotionally a wreck. But when week 12 came and went, I started breathing a little easier. None of the miscarriages got past week 11 except for my stillborn son. And when my 15-week ultrasound showed a healthy active fetus I knew this was gonna happen. At least having a baby - even if it's a girl it's good.Long story short, there is hope for a healthy pregnancy after loss - even multiple losses. There is a possibility that you may miscarry again, but try to not cross that bridge until you get to it.My suggestion in the future - either way - is that if you're trying to get prego eat and stay healthy as if you already are. You quit smoking, so don't start back up when this pregnancy is over. You're eating healthy and exercising, keep doing it post-pregnancy. You'll give your next child a headstart.

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