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i had a miscarriage in january and am pregnant what?

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i had a miscarriage in january of this year and am currently 6 weeks along now. but, i am stressing! bad! how can i keep my mind off of being scared about another miscarriage? everytime i feel even a iny cramp or back pain, i freak out! any suggestions??

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I think that is completely natural to feel like that. I'm sorry to hear about your miscarriage.As far as keeping your mind off it,I dont think you can...all you can do is take care of yourself to the best of your ability,and your body will do the rest. I hope everything works out! :)
I'm sorry to hear you had a miscarriage :( I agree that there really isn't much you can do to keep your mind off it. Just take it easy and focus on pampering yourself and feeling good. Thats always a plus! :) I hope everything goes well and that you are able to keep calm. Keep us posted! Good luck! :)
thanks for the advice! i am going to my doctor's for the first time tomorrow and am soooo crazy nervous!! but i am trying to keep positive...i feel like i just need to get through tomorrow and then i can relax. i had my miscarriage around 7 weeks in january and i am 8 weeks now so i am looking towards the future with hope...fingers crossed everyone!!! thanks again...i will keep you updated!!
I can totally relate.  I had a miscarriage in December and got repregnant in January.  I am now five and a half weeks along.  The blood work came back good, but I still stress about another miscarriage.  I am just waiting for the first ultrasound which isn't till Feb. 21.

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