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I had my first u/s today at 6 weeks, all they could see was the that ok? I have another u/s in 3 weeks.

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This is my first pregnancy and I'm a little worried, I haven't had any spotting at all, and I haven't had any major morning sickness, just mild nausea and tiredness.

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everybody pregnancy is different but when i got my ultrasound at 6 weeks thats all that was visible was the the sac but when i went back at about 9 weeks still nothing but a sac the doctor had even told me it not be a viable pregnancy i went and had another opinion because they were talking about giving me a d and c and now im 23 weeks so wait and see and if you still dont feel comfortable get a second opinion
I also went in for my first ultra sound and they only saw a sac, the sac measured 6w 1d.  I went in a week later and they saw a little heartbeat with the little one measuring 6w2d.  Since my periods are abnormal I didn't have a LMP date so our u/s was the only way to see how far along we were.  It was a little weird that the sac measured almost the same as the baby a week later, but the heartbeat was great to see and a great indicator.   3 more weeks should be a good amount of time for your pregnancy to move forward, I wouldn't worry just yet - 6 weeks is still pretty early :)
I agree with kelli050 - try not to worry, because 6 weeks is a bit early.  I'm on my second pregnancy and, due to a miscommunication with the receptionist at my doctor's office, was given an appointment when I was only 5 weeks along.  (The receptionist misheard the dates I gave her for my last period...) The doctor performed an ultrasound, but couldn't find anything.  He told me that it could simply be too early to see anything, but I couldn't help but think the worst.  I went back three weeks later, and, lo and behold, there was a little baby in there, with a strong heartbeat and measuring at 8 weeks, just like s/he should be!  So, try to stay positive!
I got my 1st ultrasound at 5 1/2 weeks i didn't see anything but the sac the said its normal and after 8 weeks your more likely to see your baby. Don'y stress iy relax i'm sure everything is fine

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