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i had a stillbirth 2 years ago.. will it happen again?

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My cousin's first child was a still born. A year later my cousin had a little girl. She now has two wonderfully healthy and active children. Just make sure you keep a fetal kick count toward the end (they say from week 28 on), request a last ultrasound to be sure everything looks healthy and fine toward the end. Don't be overly worried, just stay happy and healthy.
A stillbirth mom is 5 - 10 times more likely to have a recurrent stillbirth. Alteast 30% of stillbirths are due to Umbilical cord Accidents (UCA). Once you have had a stillbirth you will be classified as a "high risk" pregnancy and special monitoring and precautions will be taken during your next pregnancy and all pregnancies that follow.There are a few steps to follow to help insure a happy healthy delivery day by becoming your baby's "en utero" advocate. First, at your 20 week anatomy ultrasound have the placenta and umbilical cord checked for normalcy and begin to keep track of baby's patterns of movement, keep a log.Second, have a 28 week ultrasound and have the placenta and umbilical cord checked again. Pay special attention to the cord's length, any knots, twists, kinks or wraps around the baby's body or neck. If all is fine with this ultrasound, talk to your doctor about the possibility of daily home fetal heart rate monitoring which is used by Dr. Jason Collins of The Pregnancy Institute,, diligent kick counting (changes in baby's normal momvements such as slowing down or speeding up may be the sign of a baby in distress) and more frequent ultrasounds. Dr. Collins has followed stillbirth moms and their subsequent pregnancies for over 20 years. Your doctor can go to his website and dowload his book, "Silent Risk" for further information.If a potential problem is seen with the umbilical cord or placenta, a careful plan decided upon by you and your doctor for closer monitoring will help to insure a healthy screaming baby on delivery day!    
i had a stillbirth 3 years ago. it was a boy and i was almost 6 months pregnant and he did not survive. now i am pregnant again hoping and praying that this doesn't happen again, however, i am not stressing myself over it. i'm enjoying every minute that i am pregnant and i talk to my baby everyday to tell her how much i love her and i need her in this world. i'm doing everything in my power to stay healthy and keep my child and those are the thoughts i keep in my mind. good luck to you... as well as to me :)

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