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I hate everybody and everything

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I hate Christmas, and my husband (not really, but you know, I dislike him right now), and my job, and every customer that I deal with on a daily basis. Please tell me this will end soon. I want to be happy again. I'm 9 weeks. To be fair, I've always hated the customers LOL (it's because of where I work and what I do). I cry at the drop of a hat and my feelings get hurt WAY too easily now! It's usually impossible to hurt my feelings. I have no one to talk to because apparently, I have no close friends, my husband's "tired" of hearing it, and people I work with just make fun of me (yes, like in grade school, they did that before the pregnancy though), my mom's passed away, my mother-in-law is IMPOSSIBLE to talk to, same for my sister-in-law (they are both holier-than-thou and very hypocritical and preachy). I just feel very alone, and sad, and angry.

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Apparently I really am alone.
I don't think it gets any better!
Feeling lonely and anxious are common at the beginning of pregnancy. It is a lot of the unknowns and not having any one to share those feelings with can be even more emotionally draining. I think joining a discussion group like cafe mom, or a local group in your area can help ease these feelings. Believe me you are certaintly not alone in these feelings. You may find an online discussion group more comfortable then a local one. Keep your head up, and keep reassuring yourself that it will get better. And sometimes when we think that our spouse is tired of listening to our feelings they really aren't, they want to make sure we are alright, and when we remain silent they don't know how to help us. I wish you the best of luck.
I am 6 or 7 week pregnant and I feel the same. I am so alone and i feel it impossible to communicate my feelings to my husband. moreover I feel a strong surge of hatred towards him. Is it normal? I hate his smell, his touch. I am so so so happy and relieved to read this question. Please someone answer me.
yea, i think we are just sol on this one. just got to get thru it. at this point tho, im ready to quit both my jobs and just hang out in bed. i dont know why someone would do this more than once.

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