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I have a 13 month old son and we are thinking of trying for our second baby..

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last time it took us 8 months to get pregnant but if I do get pregnant right away I'm afraid they will be too close in age and I won't be able to handle it. I would appreciate advice from a mother of two children close in age please!!

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Well I wouldn't recommend it.  I have two boys who are only 15 months apart.  I had mine that close only because my birth control failed. It is difficult.  I am trying to potty train two boys at the same time.  It is unpredictable on how long it would take you to get pregnant again.  It took me over a year to get pregnant for my second son and then my third I got pregnant for when my second was only 6 months old (due to birth control failure).  I would wait until my first was 2 years old then if you get pregnant right away then your first would already be pretty independant and possibly potty trained.  They would also be a little better at handling the fact that they are having another sibling.  I hope this helped.
I have 2 kids who are 14 months months apart and I absolutely love it.Is it hectic?Yes,very much so but theres never a dull moment around my house.I have a girl and a boy and they love each other.My younger one will follow my daughter around everywhere,they give hugs and kisses,play pat-a-cake,cuddle for naps,and a whole lot more.We wanted to have our kids close together so that they wouls form a close relationship in which they have.I would recommend sitting down with your partner and discussing wether or not the both of you feel you are ready to have another one right now and look at your schedules,finances,and see if another baby fits in there.Good luck and best wishes.

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