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I have 6wks left and my husband and I can't settle on a name...

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We are having a girl and since we are keeping the name a secret from family I thought I would ask your opinion. We keep flip flopping between 5 names, but can't seem to settle on one. The names are... Amber Lynn; Amber Arianna-Marie; Gabriella Marie; Arianna Marie; Annalise Marie. My last name starts with an "A" and one of my favorites give her the initials AAA and I was wondering if that was too weird. Any opinions are welcome. Thanks!

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I love initial things too.   :)  Personally I love the name Gabriella Marie.  I think that's beautiful.  I'm not a huge fan of the longer Amber Arianna-Marie.  Annalise Marie is pretty to. 
i like arianna marie  but if u wanna do aaa you could do arianna amber
I like gabriella marie =)
Maybe you can wait until you see her and then decide. My best friend thought she was set on a name until her daughter was born...she took one look at her and changed her name. Sounds odd but her and her husband just could not decide and a day before the baby was born they thought they had settled on a name.  In the end they had to go with a different one because it seemed to fit better for them. 
Oh, honey, I'm due at the end of the month and my son still doesn't have a name. lolI absolutely LOVE Amberlin (Amber Lynn; see what I did there? :D).  If I were having a girl that would be her name.  If you want to stick with the AAA, you could do Amberlin Annalise.
Thank you all for your responses!  It is nice to have an outside opinion right now.  I don't know why it is so wasn't this hard to name my other three girls, their names were picked quickly.  Maybe since this is the 4th girl we are running low on names. :-)  If I could narrow it down to 2 then I don't mind naming her in the hospital when I see her.
I like Annalise Marie, its unique like your baby girl :)).
I personally like Arianna and Gabriella.. I like names that are more unique and Arianna is one that I have always loved however the boyfriend wasnt fond of it when we had our daughter so I wasnt able to use it.. personally I would just wait until you were at the hospital.. you have narrowed it down to 4 different first names and you never know she may just look like one of those names fit her when you first see her.. good luck =)
I love the name Arianna.  My husband's name is Andrew and I would love to name my daughter Arianna but my niece is already named Arianna so that's out of the picture.  But deffinitely I love Amber Arianna-Marie, Arianna Marie and I even like Annalise Marie. However I will be naming my daughter Abbygail.

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