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I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon and was thinking about asking my doctor...

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to scrape my membranes because I will be 39 weeks this week and have been having contractions, but nothing on a regular basis. Last week when I was checked I was not progressing at all. The doctor said my son was in the right position heading down, I just have not started dialating yet. :( Any advice?? Anyone ever had there membranes scraped?? How long does it take after having your membranes scraped do you go into labor? Oh yeah... I was originally due August 6th but it was moved up to July 31st...

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I had my membranes scrapped twice when I was pregnant with my daughter in june 09 and never did go into labor on my own. We scheduled me to be induced to get it going. I have heard that it can work well though so I think it really depends on the person. When we did do the induction I was still in labor for 21 hours lol.. good luck and expect some cramping and spotting after the scrapping I was very uncomfortable after it was done

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