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I have a baby not waiting to drink from his sippy cup... any sugestions?

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Weaning a baby off the bottle can be tricky sometimes.  I would buy a sippy cup that still kind of looks like it has a nipple on it.  Just to start off with.  Like the ones that are rubber and not the plastic topped ones.  Then later start introducing other kind of topped sippy cups. I hope that this helps.  I know it did with my 2 of my 3 boys.  My first he took well to the sippy cups, but my 2 younger ones didn't like the plastic topped ones and it took sometime for me  to get them to want to use sippy cups.  Plus my youngest is autistic so it took him even longer.
try intoducing a new beverage in the sippy cup. my oldest child gave me a very hard time with going to a sippy. once i let her taste cool-aid then put it in her sippy she gradually took to it because thats the only time i would let her have "the special drink"
Maybe he just doesn't like the cup. Try taking him to the store and letting him pick out one he likes (maybe with a favorite character on it). That's what worked with my daughter and got her excited to try it!

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