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i have bad leg cramps what should i do?

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Alot of the time it means you need more potassium. Try eating bananas and see if that helps. Good luck sweetie! :)
how far along are you? the baby might be sitting on a nerve..that happened to my friend , she could hardly lift her leg to get dressed
All I can say is try potassium and calcium.. both things have been mentioned to me to try to help with the charlie horses. I have the same issue and wake up atleast a couple times during the night with them. I am 29 weeks along and just hoping that they go away soon.. I do wake up my boyfriend and he is great about helping massage my legs until the cramps go away.. that is another suggestion although it doesnt help to prevent them from coming just helps once they are there and so painful.. good luck =)
I was going to suggest the same thing...potassium, calcium, and lots of water. They can be very painful!! The only thing that helps me, is to walk them off. Good luck!
My doctor suggested taking one tums tablet a day and it has really helped mine. I was having four a night at least. now I am down to one every once in a while. Remember too to drink your water. So important!! Good luck!!

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