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i have been having cramps really bad and my back hurts and i have been throwing up like crazy i have had a little bit of bleeding and clots

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im so scared i have been crying all day and all night because this is my first pregnancy and im 6 weeks im worried it might be a miscarrage please help!!!!!!!!!! :(

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Call your doctor!  If you are ever this scared, crying and worried - call your doctor especially with a 1st pregnancy.  I was very scared during mine too.  I bled early on with all of mine (I'm on my 3rd), but it scared me the most with my 1st.  Sometimes bleeding is due to the baby implanting in a different spot - it was with my 1st and 2nd.  You coudl be throwing up due to morning sickness...or as I had all day sickness and when you are upset it's going to be worse.  The cramping and back aches at the same time are what concerns me a little.  Simultaniously like that sounds like labor pains.  I went for my first appt at 7 weeks because I was so nervous with my 1st and was concerned about the bleeding..if you don't have a doctor find one today they usually get first time moms in pretty quick.  If you do have a doctor call them with your symptoms and ask if you can come in and be checked out.  Whatever you do, try to stay calm, it's not good for you or the baby to get worked up.  Good luck!
thanks so much i have a docter i will call her and see what she says i tryed to call her but she wasent in but i will call again and see if i can make an appointment
If you can't contact your doctor, head straight to the emergency room.
ok thank you i called the docter she made an appointment for 4 o clock i just got back everythings ok with the baby
I'm glade to know everything is ok
Good to hear!  Get some rest and be sure to drink plenty of water!  Keep hydrated throughout your pregnancy and it will help ward off premature labor and keep you feeling better in general.  :)
Gald you went to the dr! And that the baby is ok!
thank you
Go to the hospital, not good!!!!
thanks for your suport everyone

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