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i have cats should i be worried about bringing a newborn home?

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No, but you do want to be really careful about litter while you're pregnant because of the risk of toxoplasmosis from cat poo.  You should let someone else scoop the litter or using a mask and gloves while you do it. I think the worry with cats and infants is that the cat will sleep on/suffocate the baby - just keep your cats out of your baby's room or something.  Shouldn't be an issue.
I think that cats can suffocate the baby, and cats can be aggressive sometimes, I'v seen cases where a cat scratched a baby's face, maybe playing but it was really bad! 
no but u can get sick from it
I have 2 cats at home and worry about bringing my baby home.... but i just keep the nursery door shut and they can't be in there without me and i set up the bassinet  in our room and swing and pack and play in the living room and put this sticky paper on it ( i got it from petco to keep pets off of furniture) and they both jumped in the pack and play once and the bassinet once and felt the sticky paper under their feet and immediently jumped right off and haven't been back in it since! I set everything up about 3 weeks before my due date so they could get used to the new furniture and know that it's not for them!

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