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i have a cold right now and i dont knwo what to do?

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I'm a new mommy to be im not even 21 yrs old and im scared out of my mind of loosing this baby due to my medical history. And now i have a cold and im scared that this will hurt the baby? idk what to do someone please help?

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first off try not to stress.. stressing can cause more of a chance of having a miscarriage.. You having a cold will make you physically more miserable but it shouldnt hurt your baby. Your dr should even be able to tell you some medicines that you can take that will help with it but not harm the developing baby. I am not sure of exactly what you mean by your medical history but things will turn out the way they are meant to hun.. and dont let your age bother you. Just think lots of mommies have babies at younger ages and are just fine. I turned 21 just a month before my daughter was born and everything turned out ok.. I am now 22 and expecting baby 2 anytime and our little one is only 17 months lol.. you will be fine good luck =)
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