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i have decided to name my baby molly sophia what do you think

10 answers
what do you think about the name

answers (10)

i like it!!!!!!
I think it is beautiful! I really love Sophia.
I LOVE IT!!!!  I think it's a beautiful choice for a little girl!!!  Great job!
I love the name molly... I have a friend who named her daugher that but spelled it mollee
I think that is adorable =) I love the sophia part especially =)
You should be ready to pop any day now, wasn't your due date 10/2?  I didn't think doctors would let you go this long after your due date - I thought typical was 10 days.  Have they talked about inducing you yet?
Oh glad u didnt go with asparagus!  Like the name
they are gonna induce me oct.17th at 2:00 pm
Cutemomma that was yesterday - hopefully everything went well!!!  :)

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