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I have developed what I thought was a rash under right breast?

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I have developed what I thought was a rash under right breast my dr.said that it was dry skin and to apply cocoa butter and it should go away but it is spread to my right breast ,right thigh and behind my right knee. It itches severely I am scratching so much that it hurts to the touch. I just wanna know what could this be because it really has me worry nothing in my appetite or lifestyle has changed.Please help beacuse the itchiness is getting unbearable.Thanks

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Well dry skin should not be spreading.  You need to go back into the doctor or call the nurse and let them know it's gotten worse.  You may be having a skin allergy to something.  I developed severe allergies to poison ivy when I was pregnant with my first.  It was more severe than a normal reaction and I had to be put on special meds.  I would call today and ask to come in and get checked out again. 
deff call ur doc again..if its itchy and spreading it u may have to much salt in ur body..ur liver may not be functioning right..take benadryl for allergies and if it doesnt  help then call a doc. it may be somethingh severe like ur liver
I am a bigger girl and I get a similar rash in similar places. :) It may be a yeast infection. I get those sometimes. An easy way to check is to smear some plain yogurt with active cultures on it and see if it helps. I know it sounds gross, but it really works.

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