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I have dreamed that I would die while givin birth several times in one week . Whats going on?

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I have been reading a lot of information on pregnancy and how women are affected. There was an article about how women tend to have crazy/scary dreams because of there fears. One women drempt she lost her baby down a bathtub drain, another just couldn't find hers, so even though you may not think you have fears about being a new mom or a mom again, you just might be. Try to keep your self relaxed, and if you have to, tell your self everything will be ok. Prayer has helped me with my fears and anxieties.
I agree with bmock.  Pregnant women often have crazy, silly, dreams.  What I am guessing is that you are on your first pregnancy and scared to death of labor and delivery.  So you think about that during the day and so at night you are dreaming your worst nightmare.  It is ok.  I am sure everything will be fine during that time.  Think of it this way.  It is just a dream.  I hope that this has helped.

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