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i have ectopic pregnancy last jan/2011 and lost my left uterus,right now im 5 weeks pregnant but im in danger of having a miscarriage,is having 1 uterus the reason? or having ectopic pregnancy weakened my chances of conceiving?

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do you mean you have one overy? or did they take half of your uterus?
do you mean you have one overy? or did they take half of your uterus?
I'm assuming you mean you had your left ovary removed. You only have 1 uterus, this is the "house" your baby lives in. You have 2 ovaries, one on either side of your uterus connected by fallopian tubes. The ovaries house your eggs. You state that you are in danger of miscarriage. Is this something that was brought up by your doctor? If so, ask them to clarify why.
Well, some folks are born with 'twin pipes' - two vaginas, two cervices, and two uteri.  But I'd imagine this would be a part of her post if she had this. Ectopic pregnancy can be caused by a number of things - wonky fallopian tubes with folds that 'catch' the egg, uterine fibroids/cysts, an IUD, etc.  If you've got fibroids or something going on in there, you should get that cleared up before trying a pregnancy.  Otherwise, losing one ovary/fallopian tube shouldn't be an issue at all - that's not the baby's 'house,' and you have another set :)  Definitely find out what your doc is talking about when he/she says you're in danger of a miscarriage.  Good luck!

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