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I have an embarrassing problem, 12 weeks along.

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When first found out I was pregnant I was finishing up an antibiotic from a sinus infection. The sinus infection went away, but I continue to have a bad cough. The cough causes me to have bladder leakage. A LOT. It also causes me to throw up, sometimes both at the same time!! I started wearing pads to save my pants, but it is still extremely embarrassing. Now yesterday I woke up with a new cold, that is really bad. My cough is much worse, and the leakage has become more frequent and harder to control. The other day we were at friends and I had a huge coughing fit, started leaking and throwing up right then. I wanted to leave but my friends didn't understand why I would be embarrassed (they don't know about the leaking part). So now that I have this cold on top of the cough, I don't know what exactly I can take or if there are any other ideas. This is a pregnancy symptom no one ever told me about, but after asking my mom and sister they say it is very common. Doesn't keep me from being embarrassed though!

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Dont worry about it I know that it's embarassing but you're  not alone.  I was still in high school when I got pregnant with my little girl and I was constanly calling home to get clothes because I would throw up alot and everytime I would pee so much that it would be all over my pant legs.  I ended up having to learn to take a pair of clothes everywhere I would go.  I tried the pads but I would always pee too much.  I asked one of my older sisters about it because she was pregnant at the same time and she said that she was going through it too and it happened to my other sister when she was pregnant and it happened a year ago to my little sister when she was pregnant.  However I would talk to you dr about your cold.  
You can try depends.. at least for when you are out and about... not as comfortable but might give you a bit of peace of mind... my husband got a severe sinus infection when i was halfway through my 2nd trimester... the doctor gave him steroids, antibiotics, and something else..cough syrup I think... a few days later i came down with the same symptoms... I spent a few days in bed... close to 48 hours doing nothing but sleeping and resting in bed (don't know if that is an option for you or not..) and then the rest of the week (fortunately I was on spring break!) I just rested and took things easy, usually taking a short nap in the afternoon, since I didn't think I could take any meds.  I was the same way though, coughing so much I would leak or throw up. My doctor did tell me I could take Mucinex DM which helped a lot with the drainage I was still having weeks later.  Talk to your doctor and see if they can suggest anything - at least to help with the cough.  Also try to keep peppermints around.  You can suck on them to help keep from coughing (instead of cough drops) and also if you throw up while out, you will have them on hand to help with the after taste. . . hope this helps!
Oh thank you so much for letting me know I am not alone!  I am going to start having an extra pair of pants in my car just in case. I actually went to the doctor (ob) the other day because the cough is getting worse, and she listened to my lungs and said they were fine, but gave me zithromax anyway because I have had a persisant cough pretty much through the pregnancy, just has gotten worse in the last few days.  I see her again today, and I don't feel much better so we'll see what she says.  We are supposed to go camping this weekend for Memorial Day, which has been planned for 6 months, but now I am nervous to go, so I will ask about that too. 

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