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I have had 4 negative 1 day late and have many symptoms of both pregnancy and PMS! When will a home test have pos results?

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I took seven! I was 4 days late for my period. Normally I'm right on time, but stress can make your cycle off. According to my LMP, I am nearly 9 weeks along, but my baby measures 7 weeks. So I must have ovulated late.To ease your mind, pick a day- say day 3 or 4 that you're late- and take another. Also, remember to take it correctly. Hold the stick down while you pee for 5 seconds (read the box) and then put the cap on while it's still down.Good luck!!
although they advertises that they can predict prgnancy before your missed period most at home pregnancy test are not strong enough to detect the pregnancy until the week of or week after your period. I would suggest going tothe doctor or waiting until you are a week late, even then itjust depends on your hormone level so if you still don't feel comfortable with your result go to the doctor or health clinic.

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