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i have iud think im pregnant urine-negative do i need maybe a blood te

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i have iud birth control.i was getting period every month stopped once i started having sex again, i think im pregnant but urine tests say negative my body feel different do i maybe need a blood test? i have no medical card =(

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if u have the iud ur most likely not pregnant..because thats the highest effictive bc besides abstinance..take another home test in a few weeks and see what it says..if u dont get it find a docs office that will do a blood test without u having medical im sure there are offices near u..there are where i live in ri
You can get pregnant on the iud but it doesn't happen often. I agree about waiting a few weeks and taking another home test. Good luck! :)
I would call your dr, if you are preg. with an IUD chances are it's a tubal pregnancy and if you dont get seen asap you could get really sick and possibly die!
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