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I have just found out im eight wks pregnant so i havent been taking folic acid will my baby still be ok and what damage could i have done?

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Yes you will be fine, some women do not even take folic acid.  Think about those women who have a very unregular period and get prego and do not find out until they are 8, 12 or further along.  The baby is fine.  As long as you start taking the necessary vitamins now and go to you dr, everything should be fine.  No damage done.
Did you have any cravings?  Sometimes if you are in need of certain nutrients your body will have you craving foods rich in that nutrient.  Think about the foods you've eaten and see if they have folic acid in them.Anyways the reason they suggest folic acid is to prevent certain birth defects.  Chances are that you and baby will be fine.. many women get pregnant unexpectedly and are at least 4 weeks along before they find out they are pregnant.  Just start taking a vitamin now and take care of yourself!  Don't stress out too much.  There is almost always something to worry about.. did I get enough vitamins, did I take too many, i was around cleaning fumes, someone hit my stomach while opening a door.. etc etc.. etc etc.. Try  not to stress too much!  Here is a link about folic acid
I just skimmed that link.. it said the main reason to take folic acid is to prevent neural tube defects which occurs early in development (before most women know they are pregnant).  It affects about 1/3,000 kids so probability is baby will be fine.  You should still take a prenatal vitamin though as it may help prevent other defects and also for the extra iron and nutrients.
Your baby will be fine.  Just start taking the vitamins now. You haven't done any damage to your baby. 
Don't panic momma. Just start taking it either in your prenatal or by doctors prescription. You'll be fine don't forget that your baby still has alot of growing and developing so you have plenty of time to get the proper nutrition to that little growing bean. Also keep in mind that mothers for thousands of years were giving birth without the knowledge of folic acid and we have plenty of smart minds out there! Congrats and don't stress out, enjoy your time and stay healthy all the way around both mind and body.
 I celebrated my birthday without knowing I was pregnant,which involved a lot of alcohol and a lot of partying.when I found out I was pregnant, I got so scared for the babys health!my doctor told me that Its okay,and to stop what I was doing. I'm pretty sure You will be fine.just start taking good care of yourself now :)
dont worry. now a days, a lot of food is fortified with folic acid. almost every bread, cereal and such is fortified with folic acid and maybe some other vitamins. dont worry about it

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