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I have lower abdominal pain feels like bad period cramping. Im 18 weeks, is this something I should be concerned about??

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Its been going on for about 15 hours now, I feel pain in my lower stomach and it's about all I can handle. Im pretty much doubled over and want to cry, Some people say its just because my ligiments are stretching and others say thats not normal and could be sign of miscarriage. I have no discharge what so ever. Is this something I should put off or should I go to the doctor???

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I had cramping with my first pregnancy & now with this one. I asked the doc this week when I went in & she said as long as it is not terrible pain & there is no bleeding you should be fine. If you feel like the pain gets too bad go see your doc.
I'm 16wks and about a week and a half ago I was having simialr, cramping, it lasted from the time I went to sleep through the next morning.  I was in tears!  I couldn't eat and could only lay a certain way.  It was ...trapped gas, so I drank some pepperment tea, it helped. Definately let your doc know.  Better to be a squeeky wheel. You might call and speak with a nurse, she would let you know if you should go in.

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