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I have never been allergic to anything, can you develop new things like being allergic to walnuts?

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There other day I was sooo thrilled to see that my mother in law made fresh choc.chip cookies with yum yum walnuts, MY FAV!! but I took two bites and noticed my gums started to itch and then burn a little then almost feel raw! I stopped eating the cookie...only to try again the following day, same thing happened. Is this normal? Does it mean my baby will be allergic to walnuts?

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Yep, you're allergic probably.  I haven't had this happen personally, but I had a friend who developed allergies to peanuts (non life threatening, but still pretty bad) and raw apples.  I think her allergy to apples persisted for a while postpartum, too.  So this would be a good thing to bring up with both your midwife/ob and an allergist sometime later. As far as I know, my friend's baby didn't inherit the allergies.  Still, good to be on the safe side.
I developed seasonal allergies since becoming pregnant which I have never had in my life! I also am insanely more allergic to biting and stinging insects. It's funny what your body does when pregnant.

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