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I have never been pregnet before, I Havent had sex in a over a month, I had the first Period allthough it was late and short, But not the 2n

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I Had the Period I was sopposed to Miss, although it was Late and Short, But now I still havent had sex in over a month almost 2 months and now my my period is almost a week late is there a chance I might be Preg

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Chances are stress is making it late. I'd either wait it out or go see your doctor and get a test done. Don't forget that anything from stress to seasonal changes can make your period late. So if you want the forsure answer your going to go buy a test or see your doctor.
There's no way of knowing for sure without taking a pregnancy test. It is possible that you are pregnant and just had some spotting or implantment bleeding, but stress, changes in eating and exercising, and any number of other bodily or environmental variables can also throw off your period. I suggest going to your doctor and asking for a test, or buying one to take at home.

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