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I have one month left!

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I just realized it's the end of October. and My baby is due at the begining of December. Oh my God! I'm kind of freaked out....happy!,but freaked out...

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I have 1 month and 16 days!!! I feel the same way... I dont feel like I have anything done... UGH
yeah when is was pregnant with my little girly layla i was freaking out i still had to decorate her room and i was scared about labor and delievery but dont worry it works out and its totally worth it when you have your little baby in your arms good luck!
I'm 26 days from my due date as well. I am more worried that I will not be a good enough mother. Or that something will go horribly wrong.
I have 10 weeks left and I am freaking out myself. I'm scared about labor and nervous if I'll be a good mom as well.
Oh congrats to all you mommies who will have little ones soon!  It's exciting!!!  Good luck to all of you! 
Yay!  I've got 28 days left, so I know and understand all too well!  But don't worry, Mama.  Everything will be just fine!
i'm so glad to hear that you are all nervous too!well,I'm not happy that youre nervous, I'm happy that some one knows how I feel.good luck everyone! 
good luck and things will go great dont stress I worried alot about our first baby.. this time I am still 8 weeks away from our due date and already having trouble having contractions and stuff so just imagine it could be worse I have nothing ready it seems and they are talking about bed rest in the hospital... =/ good luck ladies!!
Congrats and good luck to all of you who are close to delivering! I understand about being freaked out. Even though I'm only 19 weeks I also am worried about having everything ready because we decided to wait until we get our taxes back to get the things we don't get at the shower. And I'm due 3/30/11! I think no matter what the situation there is that nervousness about having the baby. You'll do fine though! Good luck :)
I hope everyone that was having a baby around the same time as the person that posted this has had as much joy as i have for the past 9 weeks.


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