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I have random moments in the day when my entire body will be itchy all over. There is no hives or bug bites or any skin rash. Is this normal and what can i do to calm my skin. I did notice is seems to act up worse when i'm hot or stressed

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It could be as simple as dry skin. That is what happened to me. I had never had dry skin before and it was just like out of the blue I would start to itch. Once I started using lotion every day after my shower it went away. Be sure to use one that is "extra dry" or "intense moisture" as that could be all that it is. Curel life stages - pregnancy & motherhood is great, it doesn't smell to strong or like you sat in a tub if coconuts for a week. It was hard for me to find where I live so I got it online at
I had the same issue until I started using Nivea lotion everyday after my shower. It's the one for extra dry skin.
Also Suave has an intense moisture lotion that is usually available everywhere and it's under $5. I have really dry skin anytime I am pregnant in the summertime. And I usually just stay indoors and I still itch. So I hope I was helpful....
Thanks everyone!
This might be a little late but it could have to do with your skin stretching.  Usually the lotion helps, but if you still are itchy don't stress.  Sometimes it's the type of products you are using too because your body chemistry is changing, so it may be some ingredients in your current body wash or lotion ae too strong now when they were fine before. 
so glad i found this question i'm only 5 weeks but I've never had such dry skin it's crazy I'm itchy everywhere, guess it's already time to start slathering.
That happened to me in my last month of pregnancy and it drove me crazy!  I had my husband lather my whole body up with cocoa butter lotion to soothe the itching  it was so bad.  It happened right before I would go to bed:)

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