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Sometimes it's nice to get advice from experts with a lot of letter degrees behind their names, but other times, you just need to hear what another parent (with a M.O.M. behind her name) has done that has worked. You've got questions? These moms have answers.

i have to tell you something everyone plz read this and reply

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i have lied to all of you i am also nita24,cutemomma2020,honeybunch and cutieeee and the biggest part of all this lie is im not an adult im 12 im not married i dont have kids and im sorry i lied to all of you i just really love babies and i want a family so i made it up if i could go back in time and change it i would i have felt guilty for it but i just wanted a family so i just pretended to be an adult and have a family im so so sorry plz forgive me

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Don't rush growing up! You have plenty of time to have a family later in life and to have a baby later in life. You only get to have your teen years once so please go and enjoy it!!!!  You will be a better wife and mother after you go through your teens and learn from your early twenties. 
You definitely don't want to rush into being a mother. I became a mother at 16 and have had a very hard life. It's not that I regret having my daughter because I don't but it hasn't been easy. You miss out on so much and later look back and wish you had the experiences. Not to mention at such a young age your idea of the "perfect" daddy for your baby is WAY off. Trust me I know. Life is hard and when you rush it it gets harder. Take your time, be a kid and enjoy life while you can. You won't have the luxury of life being that simple for much longer! Do you know why you want to be a mother so bad at such a young age? That is what you need to focus on. Whatever it is in your life that is causing you to feel that way needs to be addressed and fixed. Don't let your life pass you by because you can never get it back.
Kind of figured.  No one's doctor is going to tell her that she's 20 weeks off and then all of a sudden has her baby.
Mommyofzoo is right being a teen mom is hard and you should not rush to grow up. I became a mom at 17 and even though I love my daughter I really wish that I would have waited. I spend most of my time watching my three year old daughter who has disabilities and I have no time for myself. Some days I wish that I would have experienced life before I got pregnant. I have to struggle with paying bills, I almost dropped out of school, and even though I would love to spoil my daughter it's hard to do this when I'm trying to make sure that she has her necessities first. I know babies are really cute. I was just like you but now I have a 24hr job of watching her all day. I wish that I could have spent more time with my friends, been able to do things that I want to do, or even take a nap. The best advice that I can give you is to talk to a woman role model and please don't ever be someone that you're not on this website the majority of us are real moms who need real answers. I do forgive you and I will pray for you but don't rush to grow up, finish school, go to college, make a good life for yourself and then I know that you'll be a good mom.
P.S. pregnancy is not fun I'm pregnant again right now but I'm married and I've graduated and to tell you the truth I spent my first trimester vomiting all day and having needles poked into my skin, my second trimester I've been feeling a lot of pain and I can not get comfortable, and I'm waiting till I give birth which will be done by C-Section a very serious surgery that hurts a lot
thank you soooooo much for your advice it helps alot and again im so sorry for what ive done and lieing to you i know that what i did was wrong and the real moms on here really need advice and i will never do this again i promise thank you for being so forgiving about this whole situation and not being mad at me for it good luck with all of your pregnancys i hope they go well :)                                  sincerly danita
oops i spelled my name wrong i mean sincerly daniella
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