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i have very dry skin, what can i use that can help my skin feel nice and moisturized

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eucerin or a lotion with shea butter worked with all 4 previous pregnancies for me. I put Vaseline on my face at night before bed so that the next morning my face wouldn't have any sign of dryness. Vaseline intensive care with shea butter is always good. Try those and see what you think.
It's totally not sexy, but my doctor actually prescribed Eucerin because it's so so thick. And then I use vaseline -- the actual petroleum jelly, the least glamorous product ever -- on my lips every night that I remember b/c I have a perpetually stuffed-up nose and breathe through my mouth at night, so my lips get really dry.
Eucerin was the only thing that got rid of my dry skin while I was pregnant with my first son. But with my second, I've used Suave brand cocoa butter lotion and its done the trick :)
Palmers cocoa butter products! I SWEAR by their jar formula. Here []Great for all over body and even after going to bed my skin is still soft in the morning. I also use this for a belly and breast massage to help with stretch marks. 
Rather than using those lotions, try something natural (maybe the company Allafia - really good lotions, and you can order them online - just Google it).  It'll be better for the wee one in the long run, and probably better for your skin as well!  Allafia is one of my favorites because they practice fair trade, and also employ natural methods to extract oils and butters rather than nasty chemicals.
Seacret Mud Soap and Salt and Oil Scrub. I get super dry skin and itchy when the seasons change- these products are natural, enriched with minerals and salts from the Dead Sea, also are paraben free.You can find the products

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