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I haven't had my period in a month and two days! I have taken three different brands of pregnancy tests with no positives! What's going on?

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I haven't had my period in a month and two days. I have taken three different brands of pregnancy tests with one showing a slightly faint positive sign. What is going on?

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hi ive been experiencing the same issue,im 35 and my doctor told me that a woman dont get there periods at all for pregnancy,thyroid,perimenopause. well ive never missed a period unless pregnant.i had 2 miscarriagfes due to false test results so in my opion go in and get a blood test to see if u are pregnant that way sometimes the levels dont register.or it could be stress some say, hope i helps a bit thanks!
I suggest what tampa1975 says. Sometimes its too soon to tell. I know I barely found out at a month or so. I used clearblue.
 The "plus/minus" tests didn't work for me.  I used a digital test and it was accurate and I didn't have to worry about misreading it.  They cost quite a bit more but it is a relief to be able to read the word "pregnant" rather than fuss over "does this look like a plus to you?!"If you do decide to get blood work done, you may ask your doctor to check you for infections.  Sometimes you can miss your period because you are sick.
i am 14 weeks pregnant and had no symtoms exept a missed period. i took 3 tests to find out but it was very hard to tell. sometimes if you are not very far along, there is a lower amount of hCG in your urine wich may cause the line on the test to be very very faint. thats how all my tests came out and i almost thought that i wasnt pregnant. i would suggest just going to your family doc. and take a urine test there. they will have your results in like 5 min. good luck!!

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