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i havent slept in bout 4 days and doctor wants me on unisom and zypran to help me sleep and quit smoking... is it safe?

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i am 31 weeks pregnant and this is my first baby... i havent slept in 4 days and am really tired. the baby is very active and just wont let me. i dont know if these medicines will be safe for her. i hear that zypran can seriously hurt or kill the baby but i dont know... i am really nervous... any body know??

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If your OB told you that taking it will help you sleep, then odds are that it's safe. Check with the pharmacist if you aren't sure, though. Or call a different OB for a second opinion. I don't know about Zypran, but I've taken Unisom during pregnancy and while nursing before and it didn't seem to have any negative effects on the baby. She actually was a little less active at night, but otherwise was fine. And she woke me bright and early about 8 1/2 hours after I took the pill with lots of activity - and noise after she was born.
thanks you 2 for the answers they really did help.... hopefully the medicine will help....

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