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I heard that 1 out of 8 moms die in labor or b/c of complications.

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Is it true? Because it has me very scared. Please help!

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Maybe out of moms who are already suffering from complications?  If you aren't suffering from any complications and your doctor suspects that everything is running smoothly, your chances are slim, in all honesty.  Yes, things can happen, but I can count 7 other girls I know besides myself that have delivered babies that never had any complications, and our babies are all fine.
The lastest poll says 16.7 out of every 100,000. Which is not that large.
Yes I agree with everyone else.  I too looked up the mortality rate for women who died during or after labor and I got 11 out of 11.000.  Unless a woman is already suffering from complications most likely everything will go fine.  Don't worry about stuff like this, because all it does is put stress on you that you  don't need right now. 
when i had my 8 month old alissa she got stuck and i had a hard time pushing her out but after squating down and walking around the room it helped and when i layed back down and pushed one more time she came out it could be because i didnt get the epidural so i was really tense but that doesent happen very ofen
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