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i just found out im due is march, whats the best way to stop smoking?

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Congrats!!! I don't know what the best way is...but with my son I quit cold turkey the night I found out. This pregnancy it took me 2 days to quite(only 4 smokes). The hardest part is quitting the habbit not the nicotine craving. It's hard and I still want one after a meal sometimes. Just try to keep in mind that you're quitting for that little life growing inside of you. Best first gift you can give your baby.
I quit cold turkey with my daughter and never started back....thats been 4 years ago
I smoked before i founnd out i was pregnant, when i found out i had so many people telling me it was OK to smoke when you are pregnant and all it causes is low birth weight. I couldn't imagine doing that to my child. i quit cold turkey. The thing i found that made it easier is to remind yourself everytime you want a ciggarette that it takes oxygen away from your little one.
i am 6 weeks and one day pregnant as soon as i found out i was pregnant with this baby i quit cold turkey havent even had the thought to light one up dont want to
get the gum or go to the docter and they can give you something because thats not good for the baby at all

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