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I just found out im having a Boy =), Upset about the name. Needs help!

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My husband is dead set on his first name as Mark. Which is his Fathers first name. I cant stand the name. We both agree if we ever have another boy that the name will be lance and we both love it. I dont think there is anyway I am going to change his mind. I was thinking about Blake for the middle name, but I have been going through every name I come up with. I have gone through about 10 names. Anyone have a middle name for Mark? Does anyone else have this problem? Will I ever be ok with the name Mark?

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What about the name Anthony as a middle name for Mark.  Look at it Mark Anthony.
How about Lewis or Thomas. 
I love the name Mark! I'd personally spell it "Marc" so it's still a tribute, yet is individual to your soon.For middle names, Mark Daniel sounds nice.  So does Mark Christopher.  (Then you could call him MC if you wanted to.)
My fist child was supposed to be named Mark also, after my father. I did not like the name either, so I asked my father about tweeking it a little. My son's name is Marcus Oliver. I like it I call him Oliver vs Mark, but it is a good, strong name. He is now 9 and I am thankful I went with a traditional name vs the names I wanted like Cloud, seven, abd Jaden-all of which are cute, but I can't imagine a Cloud running for a senate seat =)
choose a middle name with 2 syllables, it sounds better.  And when you see your baby for the first time, any name in the world wont matter because they're yours.  If he gets to pick the first name, be sure your allowed to pick the middle name at the very least.  and always best of luck!
if i have a boy im naming it skyler mason
What about Mark Lance?
Thanks everyone... Naming him Mark Bentley and calling him Bentley =)

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