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i just found out im pregnant and im in a alot of pain!!!

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i woke up with a sharp pain in my right side i thought it was a ovary cyst so i went to the er to find out i was pregnant ....i might be having a miscarriage .i was sent home not knowing what to do and had to go back in two days to check my hormone levels ,i went back today to check and the baby has grown and everything looks normal but why I'm i still in pain ?????they weren't even able to tell me how far along i am because I'm only 2-6 weeks :(

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If they say that you're ok then you're probably ok but just to be on the safe side you should get an ob/gyn asap and see what they say. n tghe begining of my second pregnancy I was getting a lot of cramping like I was on my period without the bleeding and my ob said that it was just my body getting used to the fact that I was pregnant again. I don't know if it's the same thing but like I said just see your ob right away or if any thing you can always go to another ER for a second opinion.

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