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i keep dreaming about some what the same thing almost every night but its kinda disturbing to me.

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i dream a lot of my ex and i havnt been with him for over a year now. In my dreams is him trying to get back with me or even trying to controll me which never happens. What does all that stuff mean i hate the dreams because i feel like im cheating on my man which i totally not. The man i have now makes me so happy and is a total 360 from my last im so happy to be having his baby why am i dreaming of that jerk???(16wksprego)

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Don't worry. Pregnant women have strange dreams. it may be a fear in the back of your mind that he's going to mess up your family somehow, or it could be a twist on past experiences. Whatever it is - whether you're dreaming he's an enemy or your lover - it's not an indication of subconscious yearning, just an effect of pregnancy hormones.
it's natural to have strange dreams during pregnancy, but in the "book of dreams": when you have a dream of cheating it leads to birth. and that makes sense if you're prego :)

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