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I know this is a random question but what exactly is the difference between maternity panties and just getting a bigger size in regular?

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I keep looking for some in the maternity sections at stores but I never seem to be able to find any and those that I can find are really expensive!

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the bigger size in regular women's panties might sag off your butt significantly depending on what style you buy or how much bigger you go up.
I have never heard of maternity panties.  I used my normal ones.
I don't really see a point in maternity panties unless you're used to wearing granny panties that go up to your belly button.  Low-rise bikini panties, like I wear, will fit under my belly just fine when I get that big.  And I don't think a size up will sag - no reason to go a size up unless your butt grows a lot (and there's nothing wrong with that; evidence in my boobs which are now up 3 cup sizes, and I'm only at 17 weeks...).
Maternity panties are a much better fit. They have really cute bikini cut ones and even thongs! I find that my undies still fit but the elastic is so uncomfortable on my pelvic bone (which also grows and swells during pregnancy) and on the area by my legs. I lost weight while pregnant and wear my "bigger" panties but they sag and when I wear pants the undies just about fall down to my hips. They are definitely worth it if regular undies just don't cut it.
this is a great topic.  I am only 10 weeks and have done nothing but lose weight due to extreme morning sickness, but I had to break down yesterday and admit that my undies and my belt were too small...  So sad...  I know that I am not big enough for maternity panties (and to be honest I wouldn't know where to find them around me), but I guess I have to go up a size.  
Babies R Us has them and so does Motherhood Maternity....and i tried a size up and they sagged on me and were very uncomfortable.  I bought some maternity ones and they were MUCH more comfortable.  I struggled with being uncomfortable for a long time until I broke down and bought the maternity ones....def suggest it. 

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