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I know that sleeping on your left side is the recommended position but it hurts when i sleep on my left side is it okay that i sleep on my right side every night? is it even supposed to hurt on my left?

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It sounds like you could be getting bed sore on your left side. Sleeping on your right side is just as good. Right now I'm 34 weeks pregnant with my 5th child and I always sleep on the side that made me feel better. It is ok to sleep on your right side but, talk to your doctor about the pain on your left side. I hope I was helpful to you.
its okay to sleep on either sidebut if its a problem by u sleeping on a certain side u need to go check with your doctor but its really ok to sleep on either side as long as ur not sleeping on your stomach
I'd say you are fine to sleep on either side, just not back or belly.  I have nerve pain in my back, legs, and hip when i sleep on my right side so i sleep on my left side as much as possible.  I asked the dr. about it and she basically said there is nothing they can do, delivery should relieve the pain of the uterus pressing on these nerves causing me pain.  I don't think you can develop a bed sore from an 8 hr night sleep... many people that develop those are in bed for days on end with little or no movement.  Don't stress about it.  I'm sure it's either muscle, ligament, or nerve pain associated with the way your uterus is sitting when you are laying on that side.  I'm in the same boat.

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