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I live in an urban area and was wondering what type of stroller would be good to buy?

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I was out shopping the other day at Buy Buy Baby and was completely overwhelmed by all of the choices. Can someone help? Bugaboo? Maclaren? Stokke? Quinny? Ugh.

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ok, so think function, try to invest in a stroller that will play the role that you want for an infant, a baby, a toddler and then if you are planning on more two or more.examples:infant: car seat hook up as well as lots of storage for all the many things you need with you. baby: place to hang toys or hook toys on to it, room for blankets to prop baby, a way to easily adjust the sitting position from up to reclined in the event baby falls asleep. Toddler: sippy cup holder for your little one, room for books and snacks.More than one: seating for more than one, you determine the limit =)Think about what you would like to do most with it. Are you wanting to take long walks when the weather is permitting and safe for your kiddo? Or are you simply wanting a stroller that is ideal for shopping and short outings. Once you decide what you think you'd rather do with it, beg a friend to lend you there child to sit in and try it out with all the baby needs packed on it. Then you can really see what you think about it as well as if it will hold all you might need. Make sure that the handles are high enough and that you are bending over to reach them (bad for your back).I hope this helps to narrow down what you really want and while I never named off a brand I have heard that there was a recall on a Maclaren (i think an umbrella one, seriously dangerous recall) so last but not least think safety first and check for recalls. Make sure little fingers won't get caught or stuck. The last thing you need is an emergency room visit to sew back on a finger, i know that sounds insane but that was the recall.I really hope this helps =) Anna
I use Chicco stroller and I am HAPPY with it. We started from a new born age and still use it for 3 yo son. I value its quality and easy operation, it is light and it has enough space for a baby, also it has tray for sitting baby. You need to try, wheels move very easily, believe it is very important, when you don't need to make additional pressure to stroller to go (I had bad experience with other type of stroller). it doesn't take too much space in the care.
I had the same dilema my husband didnt want to spend so much moneybut my dream was Bugabooso I searched the web and I found the best price for 575$ onlyfor Bugaboo Bee

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